Scattering  Ashes  at  Sea     

We, at  Just Wonderfil Charters, will honor your  loved one's wishes with a most intimate private family
scattering of ashes memorial service at sea.  

This may be a difficult and emotional time for your family,  but someone is always available here to answer
all your questions.  Please do not hesitate to call.  

We  specialize in cremation  burial at sea,  and we offer ash scattering trips, comfortably accommodating
our families on our boats with fully enclosed,  spacious cabins, and comfortable seating.  

Refreshments are free for all, as we cruise through Jamaica Bay and out of Breezy Point.  The  captain will
anchor up in a calm quiet area for your service.

You may use a biodegradable urn, or we can  transfer  the ashes into a beautiful  flower basket (this is
usually done),  covered with  colorful rose petals.   The basket is then passed to each family member, and
each will have a chance to say a few words, before the captain places it onto the sea.

If you wish, the captain will  recite  some  prayers,  as long stemmed roses  and petals, which are supplied
by us at no extra charge  are tossed  into  the water to follow the ashes in procession.

You may use your own priest, rabbi, minister, director, and    supply your own
music CD.   We  always try our best to fit the needs of each family.  Please call ahead to
discuss how you would like the captain to conduct your service.

The family will receive one Memorial Certificate documenting the date, time and exact coordinates of the

The  two hour round trip cruise,  the service,  the certificate, the rose petals,  long stemmed roses,  and
plenty refreshments for the attendees, are all included in our rate.

We are fully licensed and insured, and strictly adhere to all EPA regulations.

We are docked at  the Midget  Squadron Yacht Club in Brooklyn, New York.

   Free parking and restrooms on the premesis
                         Brooklyn, N.Y.                     
                       (347) 721- 6317